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Wow … 10000 views!!! Thanks for reading, promoting, sharing or talking about our blog. Special thanks to all the wonderful people in coffee shops and roasteries across Brisbane who willingly share their passion for, and knowledge of coffee.

What you liked …

In terms of your favourite posts, here are the most visited, in each category, over the 3 months from September to December:

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10k best of

What we liked …

These are our ‘best of‘ coffees from our visits between September to December:

Best flat white

Uncle Joe’s Coffee House


We had flat whites on the Supafly (house) blend. The coffee barometer hit freaking awesome. The flat white was a perfect combination of espresso and 100% Jersey cow from Cooloola Milk. The wonderful blend and the creamy milk seemed in perfect harmony.

Best pour over

Inaugural Coffee Tour (Green Cauldron single origin @ Puk Espresso)

Pour over at Puk, Kangaroo Point

Coffee from Byron Bay – where latitude makes up for altitude! We got to taste the single origin beans from this region as a pour over through a ceramic V60. It was a fragrant and fruity coffee that was easy to drink and got better as it chilled –  much like us after a weekend in Byron.

Best AeroPress

Uncle Joe’s Coffee House


The Cup of Excellence rank 1, La Guadalupana  was truly a gift from Nicaragua. The International jury score was a staggering 91.13! We blind tasted the C.O.E whilst chatting about all things coffee and ruminating where the coffee may have originated. Meanwhile the freaking awesome barometer hit an all time high!

Best mocha

Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters

Our Friday fix

We had a mocha on the Seasonal blend which included a Yirgacheffe – always nice to see a Yirga in a blend! The mocha provided a distinctive hit of berry, balanced with a smooth chocolate finish. The milk was perfectly textured – yummo!

Best doppio

Bellissimo Coffee

doppio at Bellissimo

An amazing pair of doppios on a Costa Rican single got us the thumbs up from the barista! They arrived in tiny white cups that made us feel a bit like Gulliver on his travels. The aroma was wonderful, the crema was wandooful (were on Wandoo Street) and the taste was sensational. Our palette’s were dancing for hours afterwards.

Best macchiato

Fonzie Abbott Espresso

Brazilian Long Macchiatos

Our long macchiatos were brewed on a single origin, the Brazilian Royal Reserve. The macchiatos were beautifully presented. They were bold, yet velvety coffees with a chocolatey taste that smoothed out nicely. We were still enjoying the flavours long after the cups were drained.

Best piccolo

Two Trees Espresso Bar


The coffee on offer was the Black Blend from Mambo Coffee which is roasted in Maroochydore. The Barista advised it was best served with a small amount of milk such as a piccolo. So it was a piccolo to kick the morning off. It delivered a very smooth cup with a good coffee punch – so good another had to be ordered!

Best signature blend

The Dancing Bean Espresso Bar

Dancing Bean Cups

We sampled the Dancing Bean Original blend as flat whites, as this is the standard fare for most clientele. This was the blend they built their business on, and with its easy drinking you can understand why. The blend goes well with milk and leaves an almost chocolatey sweetness on the palette long after the coffee is gone.

Best iced coffee (black)

Commodity Cafe


Our cold drip coffees made with Finca Suiza, a single origin from El Salvador, with sugar syrup on the side. The coffee was almost tea like in appearance and very much like a peach/mango ice tea in aroma. The taste was fruity and delicate – a real winner!

Best iced coffee (white)

Cafe Ô-mai

O-mai Iced coffee dripper

The robusta coffee grounds imported from Vietnam are infused with hot water, which then drips onto the layer of condensed milk. When the drip is complete, you stir the coffee and milk together and pour over ice. It was like sipping a Tia Maria on ice. What a great coffee option on a balmy Sunday arvo!

Best coffee experience

Uncle Joe’s Coffee House


The coffee house has been purposely left inconspicuous because they put people’s experiences to the coffee above all else. However, there is nothing understated about the coffee, how it is roasted, created, served and presented. If you’re all about the coffee, and chatting with passionate people, you have got to head to Uncle Joe’s Coffee House. We do … often!

Thanks again for reading, we are now over 11000 views!