With 20,000 views of the Bean Brewding Blog just around the corner, we thought we would break with tradition and go back to the future by re-doing a past review. Why? You might ask. We looked back on our coffee odyssey over the last year, and a bit, and thought how much we have learned about coffee. Thanks to the amazing people in the Brisbane coffee scene we have learned heaps about coffee drinking, coffee roasting and coffee brewing. Part of our learning was gained from running two amazing Brisbane coffee tours – one by bus and one by foot. We have experimented and tinkered, including unlocking the mystery of spiced sparkling coffee. Upon reflection, it seems our blog beginnings were very modest, even basic … although fueled by excitement! We looked back at our post on First Pour and realised we didn’t even have a picture of a coffee … go figure!

Over to you! We have listed our first 9 Bean Brewding reviews in Brisbane and are asking you to decide which one we should re-visit. Which coffee shop is your favourite? Which one has blossomed in the last year? Which one has taken your coffee experience to a whole new level? We are keen to re-visit our humble beginnings and re-experience the venues with a whole new outlook. Have your say! Tell us where to go … in the nicest possible way… And we’ll jump in our coffee-fueled DeLorean and head back to the future.


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