BeanBrewding Bang

The people at Blackstar gave us a tip about Bang Coffee at Coorparoo as we began planning our Council Bus coffee tour. We checked out the bus stops and surveyed the scene, as Carolina cheerfully greeted us on a brisk Thursday morning. We headed to the warmth of the fueled up and welcoming interior.


We were chatting about the origins of Bang Coffee’s name and Carolina told us it was originally Bang Bang, after the coffee knock tube. With 3 years at Bang and 10 years of coffee experience under her belt, Carolina quipped, ‘we’ve got so much better over time, we only need one bang now!’ Hence the name change … maybe.


The tiny Colombian flag on the shiny La San Marco espresso machine provided a clue to Carolina’s heritage and passion for coffee. So it’s no surprise that the ‘Rev’ or Revolution Espresso was the Blackstar blend of choice. We asked if there was a Colombian bean in the blend … and there was! One clever bean said, ‘it wouldn’t be a revolution if there was no Colombian’ … Carolina laughed and agreed wholeheartedly.


All coffees at Bang are double ristretto and we started off with long and short blacks that were extracted through the naked filter. We sipped on the tasty coffees as we chatted with the regulars—the backbone of Bang’s business. Bang use Maleny milk and it blended nicely with the Rev as a latte. The double ristretto smooths out the full bodied blend so we decided to stick with the black coffees. It was time to shlong it up! The coffees were very smooth and delicate and reminded us of our early visits to Thomas St at West End.


The Rev is a tasty blend when done well. Bang doesn’t need to fight the revolution, they have mastered it! If you want a more suburban bang for your coffee buck, head for Bang Coffee at Coorparoo.

A revolutionary 7 beans.

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