Throughout the Bean Brewding journey I have noticed many cafe’s and roasters offering barista training. My fellow Bean Brewder has already attained a certificate to prepare and serve espresso coffee. He highly recommended taking a course to learn the art of espresso. Having completed the course myself I appreciate coffee even more and want to share some tips on how to make better espresso at home.

Tip 1 – Look after the beans


I have been told several times that grinding the beans fresh is more important than using an espresso machine and to invest in a burr grinder. Keep the beans in an air tight container in a dark cool location and not in the grinder’s bean hopper. Buy the beans from a roaster rather than a supermarket because they are fresher. There are many roasters in Brisbane to buy fresh beans, here are a few:

North side: Elixir, Cleanskin Coffee Company, Neli Coffee, Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters
South side: Cup Roastery, Blackstar Coffee, VenezianoDramanti Artisan Roaster

Tip 2 – Look after the grinder


After every use, clean out the ground coffee from the burrs of the grinder with a small brush. Give the bean hopper a wipe with a clean cloth to remove the oil residue left over from the beans. Do not clean with liquids. Looking after the grinder will ensure that fresh beans produce fresh grinds.

Tip 3 – Get the grind right

The Cupping Table

The grind must be the correct consistency for the machine. All sorts of factors affect the coarseness of the grind so spend time experimenting. If the grind is too coarse the espresso pour will be too quick and under extract. The rule of thumb is 30ml should take approximately 30 seconds in a consistent non-broken pour. If the grind is too fine the pour will be broken, over extract and taste burnt. The amount of coffee in the group handle and how tight it is packed also contribute to the quality of the pour. A good sign that you have the grind right is the puk falls out of the group handle like a hockey puck.

Tip 4 – Look after the espresso machine

la marzocco

Always purge some water just before and after a pour. After each pour give the group handle and head a good wipe with a clean cloth to remove left over grounds. Always purge steam from the steam wand and wipe with a clean cloth before texturing milk. Do not leave the group handle in the head for too long or the grind will burn. If the espresso machine is looked after each coffee should taste clean and not burnt.

Tip 5 – Enjoy

espresso from popcorn roasted coffee

I recommend learning the art of espresso to anyone who wants to make better espresso at home. Following these tips should make every coffee experience a joyful one.