7 Seeds Inside Shot

Thanks to inside knowledge from Yelp Brisbane (via Yelp Melbourne) and Commodity Cafe, one lucky bean had a list of cool coffee places to check out whilst in Melbourne. Although there wasn’t as much time to sit, try, and chat – here is a snapshot of few ‘cool’ places. To narrow down the wide selection, I tried to apply a ‘Brisbane’ vibe to my choices. There were two links that prompted the visits.

The Little Mule

Inside the Little Mule

Firstly, I visited The Little Mule because they used coffee from Coffee Supreme … the link Supreme Roasters who supply coffee to Grindhouse Specialty Coffee.

The Little Mule is down one of the many Lanes in Melbourne off Little Bourke St. It is located in a wonderful old building that opens up to a world of ‘fixies’ and coffee. As the track cyclist of the group this fusion of bike shop and coffee shop was a sensory nirvana – bikes and bits to look at and the aroma of great coffees being delivered on the La Marzocco.

Little Mule long black

It was time to try the South blend as a long macchiato and a long black with hot milk on the side. The coffee was smooth and tasted divine – definitely a hint of chocolate that blended nicely with the milk in the long black and the low acidity still delivered a great long mach. It was a great introduction to the Melbourne coffee scene – the location, the decor, the vibe, the coffee – if I had a picture of what to expect, Little Mule delivered.

The Little Mule Cycle Co. & Cafe on Urbanspoon

Seven Seeds

7 seeds inside shot

My second destination was Seven Seeds. I was heading for Brother Baba Budan in the city, who use Seven Seeds coffee, but found the roastery was walking distance from our Carlton hotel … the link Mug Shots Espresso use Budan Beans.

It was first thing on a cold and windy Melbourne Tuesday morning and the place was humming! People everywhere, and that was just the baristas and floor staff! The venue has a cupping room, coffee tree plantation (that might be an overstatement), coffee roasters and a huge number of communal/shared drinking spaces. There were blends and single origins on offer and the Synessos were pumping out takeaways and in-house coffees.

Pour Over at 7 seeds

After an informative chat with one of the staff, I went for a pour over on a Kenyan Kiangai on his recommendation. It was beautifully delivered accompanied by tasting notes. The berry notes of the coffee were there both in aroma and flavour – a wonderful coffee to sip on and enjoy the business and busyness that is the Melbourne coffee scene.

Seven Seeds on Urbanspoon

So, if your keen to experience a touch of Brisbane in the heart of Melbourne – check out these venues and others we visited!