Originally this post was going to highlight the best coffee in New York City. Just before we left I heard that New York is the primary holiday destination for Aussies. So the idea: Find the best coffee near tourist attractions in New York City. If you’re heading to NYC, here are some amazing coffee spots near amazing tourist destinations … And you don’t have to look far! Make the slight adjustment to your plan of attack and you’ll be delighted. These best coffee spots are not listed in order of merit.


Brooklyn Roasting Company

Attraction: Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO


Brooklyn bridge is iconic and DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan & Brooklyn Overpass) is developing into a trendy place for visitors to head. In the base of a large, aged building is the expansive Brooklyn Roasting Company. This place is way cool … Could be the best Roastery in the Northern Hemisphere. We risked it and tried the standard brewed coffee – Ethiopian and Colombian single origins. There was plenty of detail about the flavour profile of all the beans available for consumption and purchase.


The coffees were big in size and big in flavour. A great example of drip coffee being a joy to drink. The coffee related decor and the scratch in the record being played added to the ‘funkiness’ of the venue. Like walking the Brooklyn Bridge, this coffee magnet is a must visit … You’re sure to find a coffee to please!


Green Nature Coffee House

Attraction: Statue of Liberty cruise


Based on advice from a fellow subway rider, we decided to walk down 42nd Street West to the Port Authority to board the NYC River cruise. We spotted Green Nature on the way down. Fortunately, a change to the tour timetable meant we had time to kill. ‘Back to that coffee shop’, was the call.


It was a stroke of genius – coffee brewed every way possible – syphon, pour over, espresso … and 100% Colombian coffee. It was straight up for a Grandpa Coffee – the ground coffee, sugar and cinnamon are placed into a fabric filter with the water poured over. It was like drinking coffee fruit toast. It was a taste sensation! The espresso based latte macchiato – like a flat white – was delicious proving you can get a good espresso in NYC. Great coffee and a great place to chill – we enjoyed it so much we went back before catching the NY Water taxi!


Irving Farm Roasters

Attraction: Grand Central Station


Grand central station is an amazing architectural masterpiece … breathtaking! Amazingly, Irving Farm coffee roasters have a coffee place (not so much a shop as a bar … but there is seating available) located on the food concourse. Like the building itself, it was a real gem.


We had a massive pour over on a Rwandan single origin that was delightful. The barista was meticulous in his preparation amidst the frenetic delivery of espressos and brewed coffees for the passing trade. The diner next to us said, ‘you can’t be from here, no one in New York would wait that long for a coffee!’ Seriously, people take ‘coffee on the run’ to a whole new level. We took the time out to view the people in motion whilst savouring beautifully prepared and tasting coffee.

If you’re looking for the best coffee in New York City whilst still enjoying the sites, check out these coffee venues … or others we discovered. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!