Commodity Cold1

This summer – we reckon cool coffee options will be the hottest thing on the Brisbane coffee scene! A number of wonderful Brisbane coffee shops have iced/cold coffee options on the menu, others have just added and others about to include. If you are keen to get some black iced coffee on the tip of your tongue, this post highlights our highlights for cold brewed and cold dripped coffee in Brisbane. If white is more your style, we also have a ‘White Iced Coffee‘ post just for you. Stay tuned for our ‘coffee in a bottle’ post coming soon!

When you’ve had a cold drip or cold brew as a black coffee version, there is a subtlety of flavour and enjoyment you get, that almost stops you going back to cold milk-based versions. The iced coffees recommended here are generally served without milk.

Blue Sky Coffee

Cold Press Coffee

Blue Sky Coffee make a wonderful 24 hour cold drip coffee. We tried it on a single origin – it was awesome, definite berry flavour up front, and an earthy flavour at the finish. The sugar cane ice block added a subtle change to the drink without adding a noticeable sweetness. The presentation and taste were both amazing. If you like cold coffee black – you must visit BSC!

Dramanti Artisan Roaster

Dramanti Roastery cold drip Iced coffee

We have tried cold drip at both Dramanti locations, however it is not commonplace in the city venue. At the Dramanti Artisan Roaster in Wynnum, you can get a cold drip, usually 8 hours, on the house blend – 19 20 20 (inspired by the Grates). It was a bold, tasty coffee that was somehow refreshing. It was simply served in a latte glass with ice but their was nothing simple about the flavour.

Commodity Cafe


Commodity Cafe serve a beautifully presented cold drip coffee. It is created on what looks like a chemistry set … cool. We sampled a single origin from Panama, with sugar syrup on the side. The drink was almost tea like in appearance and very much like a peach/mango ice tea in aroma and taste – it was fruity and delicate. We tried it with the syrup but preferred it without.

The Coffee Laboratory


It was a warm day when we hit The Coffee Laboratory and the prospect of a cold drip iced coffee was mouth-watering. They cold drip for 24 hours and then it spends 4-10 days in the fridge. It is shaken not stirred to provide a ‘head’ on the presented cup. It had bold chocolatey flavour that mellowed out nicely. With sugar syrup, it was like drinking a coffee ‘cola’.

Shucked Coffee House

Shucked cold drip apparatus

Shucked Coffee House create a 12 hour cold drip, that you can watch drip away, as you sip away on your iced coffee. They will provide cold milk on the side if requested. We tasted a Kenyan Sasuri that delivered subtle citrus flavours upfront, yet when we walked away there was a great chocolatey taste. Very refreshing!