Semi-pro Roasting

The Moreton Bay region is quickly growing in coffee destinations. Our Moreton Bay coffee tour in July saw the regions leading lights open their doors to showcase their delightful coffees and support What’s cooking in the Gardens? Semi-pro Coffee demonstrated the art of coffee roasting, Neli Coffee showcased beautiful Geisha coffee and at Cleanskin Coffee Co. we looked at methods for brewing at home and the Syphon.

Semi-pro roasting

Jason and Tim at Semi-pro in North Lakes fired up the roaster and guided us through the stages of roasting coffee from green bean to brown.

Semi-pro espresso

While some tourists bagged the beans of Ethiopia Tencho to take home, others sipped on the very same coffee perfectly extracted by Tim and the espresso machine.

Neli pour over

A short drive out to Neli Coffee in Clontarf, Ed was waiting for us. He introduced the lovely Geisha Panama Finca Hartmann and we sampled it three ways. Filtering brought out the complexity, espresso showed the sweetness and cold drip to finish, which was the group’s favourite. Morning tea delights helped to soak up the coffee and evoke chatter.

Neli espresso

The tour finished at Cleanskin Coffee Co. Using Cleanskin roasted Kenyan single origin Glenn ran through techniques to make great coffee at home. Grinding fresh and the right coarseness along with steeping times and temperatures were some tips the group could take away. Barista extraordinaire Chie Dahms brought show and tell with the Syphon apparatus. We marvelled at the science of this technique.

Cleanskin grinding coffee

Thanks to Semi-pro, Neli and Cleanskin for proudly representing Moreton Bay Region. Chie Dahms for the barista class and Andrew Dahms for capturing the fun with photos. Thanks Moreton Bay Regional Council for your support.