DIY Coffee Tour

Our Brisbane Coffee Tour in June was the sixth this year and the very first Australian DIY (Drive it Yourself) Coffee Tour. Tourists were keen for a behind the scenes experience of filter coffee, the latest secret weapon in home roasting and to cup like a professional. The tour was also a first for the scenic Moreton Bay region.

First up was Fort Specialty Coffee who opened up early especially for us. Jason had been up since 5.30am preparing a specialty batch brew of single origin Kenyan Kanguru and Ethiopian Ketcho Tirtira from Coffee Supreme. While sampling each coffee at the same time Jason used Chemex and AeroPress methods to brew the same two coffees. The purpose of this was to experience a diversity of brew methods and their influence on the final cup. A tasty breakfast to fuel the morning ahead and then time to hit the road for the DIY part of the tour.


Neli Coffee was the second venue providing the experience of turning green bean to brown. We saw the diversity of the green beans colours shapes and sizes. We got to play with some gadgets such as moisture-meter and density-meter to analyse the green bean. Ed then brought out the secret weapon in home coffee roasting – the Handy Roaster. The Handy Roaster is a stainless steel pan, you place the green beans on and shake them about over a naked flame – perfect for camping. We roasted a high grade Ethiopian Guji and a lower grade Robusta bean to see different outcomes of roasting. Full immersion roasting you can really get your nose in. With a couple of Handy Roasters purchased, it was time to hit the road again to Cleanskin Coffee Co. in Brendale.


Jason at Cleanskin was our host to show us how to cup coffee like a professional. On the cupping table today were five coffees all from the same Guatemalan single origin. The difference was the varietal of the coffee plant from which the green bean had been picked. As per cupping rules no information was revealed until the end of cupping. We broke the crust to release oils and take in the aromas. We then slurped coffee from special spoons thinking about sweetness, acidity and noting any flavours like cocoa, fruit or spice. We were amazed to discover the diversity of coffee and stoked when Jason revealed one of the coffees was a high grade Geisha. We were so grateful of tasting such special coffee.


A huge thank you to our hosts Fort Specialty Coffee, Neli Coffee and Cleanskin Coffee Co. You gave away vast knowledge and experience, the palate was singing all the way home! Thanks to Chie Dahms for being our honorary Bean Brewder and taking these fabulous photos.  If you’re keen to experience a Brisbane Coffee Tour (including Moreton Bay) check our tour calendar or contact us directly to arrange your own.