Siphon At Merlo

Brisbane loves coffee, so we decided to run an Origins of Brisbane Coffee Tour and see where it all began. Merlo Coffee demonstrated alternate brew methods, Di Bella Coffee demonstrated the art of espresso and Wolff Coffee Roasters conducted coffee cupping.

Merlo coffee

Head Trainer, Frith at Merlo Coffee fired up the Siphon, poured a Chemex and V60 and leant on an AreoPress. It was a plethora of filtered coffee all on specialty Rwandan single origin beans.

alternative brew methods

At Di Bella Coffee in Bowen Hills we hit the espresso machine to learn how to extract the perfect shot. Sarah showed us the finer points before we were let loose to pour our own. Tourist Keith enjoyed his own hard work.

Di Bella espresso

Nathan at Wolff Coffee Roasters had been busy preparing our session ‘Cupping with character(s)’. On the table were four distinct origins ready for us to sniff, sip, slurp and swallow if we so desired. The flavours took us around the coffee taster’s flavour wheel. The Costa Rican tasting of pineapple and strawberries is still stuck in our minds.

Wolff cupping

Thanks to Merlo, Di Bella and Wolff Coffee for not only hosting a topnotch coffee tour but also building the origins of Brisbane coffee. Thanks Chie Dahms for capturing the terrific photos.