Bunker Coffee

It was our first time back at Bunker since we started Blogging. In the months that have passed, a few things had changed – the amount people who have been talking, blogging and tweeting about it and the amount of people who were in the queue for their morning coffee. It’s almost to the point that if you are into coffee in Brisbane and you haven’t heard about Bunker you must be living in one! Even the beans have changed since our prior visit. Bunker have switched to 5 Senses and the reason we learned for the change was that, “they are a great bunch at 5 Senses, easy to do business with and their coffee is great.” Sound reason to change.

Things that haven’t changed are the vines that adorn the Bunker and the quality of the served cup. The espresso delivered beautifully from the La Marzocco … the perfectly textured milk … the impeccably served coffee – a real treat for the eyes … and the friendliness of the staff. Two of us enjoyed the standard blend, Dark Horse. The new blend is more subtle than the “hit” the Blackstar blend provided in the past. Interesting as Bunker are now pulling espressos instead of ristrettos. There was a strong rich aroma from the coffee as we prepared to drink our cup, followed by an almost comforting coffee flavour on the palette. Ahhh to be back at Bunker! Our Piccolo Pal tried the weekly feature coffee, the New Guinea “Kimel Estate A” and thought there was a distinctly different flavour to the American single origins. It confirmed that drinking single origins give a diverse coffee enjoyment.

Mocha from Bunker

The positives of such great coffee – is also the downside. The amount of people staggered us since our visit a few months ago at the same time, around 8.30am. One suit remarked, “it better be worth it!” to his younger professional companions following the wait. In our experience, it is definitely worth it! If you can time it between trains arriving at Milton station, it is a little less frenetic. The ‘drinking in’ experience is rudimentary and if it is raining there is little cover, even for the take-away option. If you order a take-away you get a double shot and the drink-ins a single. Having a productive coffee/business meeting would prove difficult, unless you have a big set of quads like my track cycling buddy and you might get by using your lap!

We give it a “well worth the wait” 8 out of 10 beans!

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