Photo Of Bayleaf Cafe

Update: The extension to Bay Leaf is now open. Dan told us the plan to have the extended section handling ‘just coffee’ is still very much on the radar with cupping courses and more filtered options. The pour over we had whilst chatting was delightful! Bay Leaf remains a great place for coffee in Byron.

From the moment we heard that the Corner Store cafe switched their blends to Marvell Street, we were keen to try another Byron blend. Fortunately a trip to Byron Bay provided first hand opportunity for a taste. In the heart of Byron, Bay Leaf cafe is in Marvell Street (go figure) and is the retail outlet for Marvell Street Coffee Roasters. You can visit the roasting warehouse but it is in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Byron. There is no coffee to drink at the roastery but you can buy beans and a range of ACF cups in cool colours. One of the friendly staff told us that Marvell Street beans are sourced from all over the world with minimal beans sourced from Byron.


The cafe boasted an eclectic mix of patrons, an earthy vibe and friendly staff. Much like the population of Byron Bay itself. We tried The Daily Grind espresso blend as it goes best with milk. The other bean on offer was a Kenyan single origin and is best served black. The Synesso machine was expertly used by the barista to create our coffees – the shots and the beautifully textured milk. It was a smooth, almost sweet cup that provided a subtle coffee punch at the end of the mouthful. What a stunning afternoon to enjoy a locally roasted coffee!


Marvell Street is getting set to expand on two fronts. They are planning to install another roaster at the warehouse and Bay Leaf is expanding its premises to include the next door space. Approval is currently being sought for a brew bar that will focus purely on the coffee. It will include a range of coffee creating equipment to deliver coffee to the  drinker using different techniques. It will be a great addition as the cafe was heaving with everyone loading up on their morning hit when we walked past.


What a great place to unwind and enjoy locally roasted coffee. We give it 8 “cool vibe” beans.

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