Front Of Bun Coffee Byron

We saw a groovy deli in Bangalow that served Bun Coffee and we thought, let’s get to the source and sample the unique coffee. Our Piccolo Pal is also a big fan and you can check out his review of Bun’s 100% Australian Blend. The retail shop is not in Byron town, so if you are driving in or out do yourself a favour and look for the Arts and Industrial estate. Take the turn-off and in the first set of industrial sheds is Bun – look for the big blue roller door – you’ll be glad you did! Bun supply many coffee shops in Byron and some interesting places including Brumby’s and the Community Centre to name a few.

Bun source beans from local farmers and from across the planet. They roast on site with one roaster at the back of the warehouse next to the retail outlet. The retail shop offers indoor and outdoor seating options to enjoy your brew. We tried the Organic blend, their most popular bean that is certified both organic and fair trade. We had our flat whites served in cardboard bio cups. The coffee had a full body from start to finish and combined with the milk to give a velvety texture. Just when I thought there was going to be a bitter after taste that would send me running for the water, it smoothed out and left a mellow taste on the palette. It is a coffee that grows on you and we could have had another but alas Brisbane beckoned.


On the coffee cups there was a statement that read, “we take environmental responsibility pretty seriously.” So from the cups to the coffee, Bun are doing their bit for the environment. Inside the retail shop there is a row of little grinders, where most of the range is available to sample including single origins up to the darkest roasted Espresso #2 blend. If you are expecting or wanting a funky Byron cafe experience and crockery cups, then the industrial setting might not suit you – there are better options in town. If you are keen to get a sense of the company behind the brand then make the effort to drop in.

Score: An ‘environmentally friendly’ 8 Byron beans!