Bean Brewding Coffee Beans

We have been working with Manna Beans to bring you our inaugural range of coffee beans. Designed for your drinking pleasure, we have a blend and a unique single origin for you to choose from. The beans have been roasted for espresso, also fine for your favourite filter method. If you’re unsure, try both! Shipping is capped at $6.95 and all orders over $50 are shipped free.

George and Glenn

Special Offer!

To celebrate the launch of our beans we have a special offer!

After purchasing your beans simply hit the Contact Us page, fill out the form and we’ll send you a free Self-guided Brisbane CBD Coffee Tour worth $11. The Selfie includes a free coffee and 10% off our guided tours. (Note: Offers expire 30-June-2017)

To get your hands on these exciting beans head to the Manna Beans website for our bean vault.

Great Day Out Blend

Great Day Out Blend

After rigorous user testing and cupping by a local barista, we settled on this tasty blend of Colombian, Brazilian and Ethiopian beans. It is an elegant tasting coffee that works well as a black coffee or with milk.

Whatever you’ve got planned, ensure a great day out and enjoy the berry and dark chocolate notes. This blend will take you to place that will put a smile on your face.

Buy Great Day Out Blend at the Bean Vault!

El Salvador El Brasil SHG

Single origin

This washed bourbon varietal is a well rounded single origin that provides distinct fruity flavours of orange, raisins and a hint of stone fruit.

It’s a real pleasure for the palette. When you get to the end of your cup, you’ll want to queue up for more of this liquid velvet and its heavenly scent.

Buy El Brasil SHG at the Bean Vault!