Tetatet Stove Top Coffee Maker

We enjoy heading to the great outdoors for walks in rainforests, national parks and anywhere there is a waterfall. After the outdoor experience, it seems appropriate to complement the natural high with a caffeine high. Often we find great little places to relax and enjoy wonderful coffee – Café on Alpine at Birchgrove Nursery is one of our all time faves at Mt Tambourine. Sometimes, however, there are no hidden gems or just banal coffee offerings. Sometimes, drinking coffee in the great outdoors is a great sensory experience. Coffee and nature … the perfect blend. To our delight we were given a Bialetti Mini Express.

Bialett Mini expressWe packed up and headed off for an outdoor walk and coffee adventure. First attempt was thwarted, the water chamber of the Bialetti was too small for our butane cooker … oh no it slipped through the cracks … we forgot the trivet. Where is a coffee shop??? Next time we headed off – what … our cups were too big for the spouts. We need a checklist – we’ve got to get this right. Cooker – check; trivet – check; small espresso glasses – check; coffee – check; milk – check! This time – coffee in the great outdoors. Our Ewingsdale Estate Blend was coarsely ground and ready to go.

20120828-092103.jpgAfter a wonderful walk around the lake we were delighted to have a fully, outdoor-brewed flat white. We could sit back, enjoy nature and a wonderful coffee hit! The Mini Express did a great job. There was no loss of coffee flavour in comparison to the espresso machine at home. The process was surprisingly quick and produced a tasty result. We have used the Mini Express on a number of occasions and have always enjoyed the coffee. If your keen to take your favourite blend outdoors, consider the portable Bialetti option!