Walking through Brisbane city, early in the morning, there are literally a cascade of take-away coffee cups as city workers prepare for their day with a caffeine hit. Aha, we saw a take-away cup with a Dramanti label – we must be heading in the right direction! We were off to Cafe Pronto that uses Dramanti Espresso, depending on what you read, in Ann Street. There were a large number of people standing around … it clicked, they were waiting for their Friday Fix. We found a table and surveyed the scene. Following our Dandelion & Driftwood experience, we were still in an adventurous mood, with Piccolo Pal stating that he might have to transform into Macchiato Mate.

So that’s where we started – a Sumatran single origin long macchiato. An Indian single origin was advertised, but the Sumatran was in the hopper. Dragan, the owner and the other barista were very friendly and explained the character of the beans and as they were best suited to black we went for the macchiato. When delivered, it had a perfect crema. It was a fantastic long macch, very smooth, good acidity and easy to drink with no bitterness.It was the alternative version of the long macch that we experienced at Campos, both very enjoyable.

We learned that Pronto pours double ristretto’s in everything through their La Marzocco Linea. Mocha Mate went for the House blend mocha and was very impressed – one of the best he has had in the city precinct.


Our coffees were so enjoyable, we backed up for another! Piccolo Pal talked us into a Piccolo on the Indian single origin that had made it’s way into the hopper so that he could go for another variant – the short macchiatto.

Once again, the coffee was beautifully delivered and we were engrossed in our conversation about the coffee and the venue. As we were heavily involved in our banter, three complimentary cold press coffees arrived for us to taste – a bit of a shock for our Mocha Mate, who thought it was like drinking a shot of alcohol. We certainly got a caffeine hit and enjoyed the cold press that was made on Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans. We had asked earlier about filter options and the barista told us he didn’t have a roasted blend suitable as he wasn’t selling many. It was great they went the extra mile to answer questions even though they were busy.

This place is a coffee treasure amidst the buildings and generic coffee offerings that are abound in the city. We did, and would continue to walk past many coffee shops in the city to find our way here. It’s almost worth finding a job in the city for!