Outside Evo Espresso

Directly opposite Yeronga SS on School Rd, there is a row of shops that have been there for as long as I can remember. It is there that you will find Evo Espresso. It is one of those suburban treasures that lure people from their homes to enjoy a relaxing suburban coffee experience. Evo recently moved next door to where it was originally located. The move has seen it blossom from a busy coffee shop to a grown up café, with more space and a relaxing outdoor area for coffee sipping and chatting.

Evo Blend - Flat whiteThe blend on offer is a secret formulation, by the owner, from beans that are promoted as fair trade, rainforest alliance and certified organic – check In-cog-neato post for info. The blend was created with beans sourced through The Coffee Roaster in West End. The Coffee Roaster website sells Organic coffee, that varies between the various forms of certification, depending on supply. The blend is very smooth with a subtle punch up front. We always enjoy our flat whites brewed superbly with the ExpoBar machine – the body of which can be painted in any automotive paint color available in Australia. Evo does not offer a single origin or bean of the month. Just one set of beans done consistently well and beautifully presented. Evo is one of those coffee places where you always enjoy the coffee and have a tinge of disappointment when you have tasted your last drop. Most times, we walk to Evo with the dog and the subtle after taste is a great companion on the walk home.

If you are ever heading to the Tennis Centre or would like to experience something different on your river loop (for the cyclists), it is well worth a detour to Evo to enjoy a secret blend in a comfortable suburban café.

We give it 6.5 ‘unique’ beans!

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