We were recently invited to write an article for Top 100 Experiences, a new website, on Brisbane’s Top Coffee Chill Spots. What’s your top coffee shop? Where do you love to chill? We had to narrow it down to our top 4 … sooo hard! There are still so many we haven’t been too. If you’re riding coffee’s third wave, then strap on your leg rope and dive into our Fab 4 or tell us yours.

Blue Sky Coffee

Top 100 - Blue Sky Coffee

In terms of space, Blue Sky is best described by their popular blend, ‘Ebony Ivory’. One side is dark with a strong industrial influence, the other side has vibrant paintings and sculptures that add a real splash of colour. In a sense the ebony is the serious side of the coffee – the roast on demand approach, the cupping notes on every batch for quality. The ivory is the passionate side of the coffee – the keenness of staff to chat about the coffee, the wonderful service, the relaxed vibe. If the surf’s not up or the clouds are dark, it’s refreshing to know there’s a cool patch of Blue Sky in Newstead to chill and enjoy wonderful coffee!

Cup Roastery

Top 100 - Cup Roastery

The coffee should be the main reason for visiting Cup Roastery – the coffee is seriously on a wave of it’s own. However, there is something strangely alluring about the industrial feel of the roastery that is perfect for drinking specialty coffee. Although a large open space, you seem to enter a little biosphere where you effortlessly immerse yourself in the coffee and the conversation. The Gabba location is a cool place to head if you want perfectly barreling coffee and a chilled vibe!

Dandelion & Driftwood

Top 100 - Dandelion and Driftwood

If you’re after salubrious surroundings coupled with stunning coffee then Dandelion & Driftwood is a ‘must do‘ destination. It’s coffee’s version of Samson meeting Delilah. There are distinctive feminine aesthetics mashed with powerful passion for wonderful coffee. Mocha Mate was the most excited – the mocha sent him into a spin. If you want to know about the coffee you’re drinking and the best way to drink it, then this is a café where you’ll be informed, amazed … oh and comfortable!

Uncle Joe’s Coffee House

Top 100 - Uncle Joe's Coffee House

Your hosts at Uncle Joe’s Coffee House treasure one thing above all else … the coffee experience. And if you want an unbelievable experience, then a safari to Coorparoo is essential. It’s a bit like visiting your friend’s Mum’s kitchen – somewhere you can sit and chat for hours – and the coffee … it’s totally awesome dude! If you appreciate coffee, brewed or filtered, you’ll be on the crest of the third wave leaving Uncle Joe’s.

What’s your fave?

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