5thbatt 6

We had been to Fifth Battery Coffee Roasters before, and Brother Espresso at Windsor individually and have had some enjoyable coffee experiences, so it was time to converge and have a shared experience. Although they still refer to themselves as ‘new kids on the block’, Fifth Battery has been in their Fortitude Valley location for 2 years. The post-war donger style building certainly suits the business name.

Inside 5th Battery

The inside is set-up with lots of well divided spaces to chill and enjoy the coffee – the outdoor area in particular is way cool, like being in a greenhouse. The previous occupants were architects and we sensed that the interior was a legacy of their funky design. The entrance includes a 12 kg Diedrich roaster and a cool display of plastic Army people with coffee beans, ensuring a subtle link between Fifth Battery and coffee roasting. Roasting is early in the week between Monday and Thursday.

Our Friday fix

Time for the Friday Fix – there are espresso options through the Synesso machine as well as pour over and cold coffee available. There was the Seasonal blend and a couple of single origins in the hoppers. It was a flat white and mocha on the Seasonal blend – always nice to see a Yirga in a blend – and an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe as a pour over. The flat white provided a distinct berry flavour and was beautifully textured. The berries were also present in the mocha and balanced with a smooth chocolate finish. The pour over was delicious – it offered a delightful bouquet and delicate flavour that danced on the palette well after the drink had gone.

Another round was definitely in our sights and it was time to take a shot at the cold coffee option and a doppio on the Guatemalan single origin. Once again, the coffee hit the mark! The doppio was meant to be a piccolo but one of us misheard the order, Mocha Man was pleasantly surprised! The doppio was rich, full of flavour and incredibly silky. The cold coffee is made on the Seasonal blend immersed for 24hrs, a different spin on the cold drip options, like at Blue Sky, we have enjoyed in the past. The cold option is served with Agave for sweetness and milk as standard. We asked for CMOS (cold milk on the side) to try it black and enjoy the smooth coffee flavour. No-one went for the milk, not even in the doppio which was safety for Mocha Man if the black coffee became too much.

Cold coffee options

Fifth Battery is the perfect environment to chat and catch up on things like some of the Bean Brewders holidays and coffee experiences. Although in the Valley, Fifth Battery is right on the cusp of Brisbane city and provides a great balance between coffee roaster and cafe. If you haven’t been there, plan your attack and charge in to see them!

We give it an ‘attacking’ 8.5 beans.

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