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Better late than never is a very apt saying when it comes Fort Specialty Coffee in North Lakes. We were all geared up for a visit many months ago and our plans went asunder. On the upside it was great to experience Fort as an established coffee venue. There were very high end bicycles standing sentry at the rear of the Fort … mmm a bit of bike envy! Coffee and cyclists … often more accurate than a Beanhunter review!

Inside there are funky things to please the eye … Like comic strips on the ceiling, interesting collectibles and cross stitch silhouettes of the operators on the grinders. There was a real vibe that was palpable. To please the palette there is the Rusty Musket blend – 70% Guatemalan, 30% Brazilian, specially created by Cup specialty coffee, and a selection of Cup single origins. After a lot of chatter and catching up with the ‘Doogs’, Bean Brewding coffee tourist, it was time to test the coffee.


Despite the busy morning, Fort staff were keen to offer advice and field our questions. It was a latte kick start on the Rusty and an AeroPress on an El Salvador Cup of Excellence. The latte was beautifully presented and extracted a treat from the original Cleanskin La Marzocca GB5 – it headed one bean’s day in the right direction after his maps app didn’t.


When the AeroPress was served in a milk jug we were delighted and said in unison, ‘it’s just like home’. Just goes to show every man’s home is his Fort. The filtered El Salvador was delicate. It was like a silk sheet dancing on your tongue. Tried as we might, it was difficult to detect a prominent flavour, maybe our palettes are not sophisticated enough to appreciate the true value of COE coffees. We had a laugh when one suggested apple and one suggested pink on the colour wheel – so we agreed on a Pink Lady. It was delightful at every point from hot to cool, as it cooled its fruitiness intensified.


When it was time for another coffee we decided to be the three Musket-eers and sample the cold iced coffee on the house blend as the temperature was starting to rise. I think there was another latte chaser in there somewhere. It was creamy and tasty. Our black bean officianado went for the El Salvador single origin as a long black to finish off the day. This time there was plenty of punch for the punter’s palate.


There were some subtle touches to round off the Fort theme like water being served in rum bottles. What vibe and a hive of activity … Strange but you somehow felt relaxed in your own little part of the Fort. Coffee shops that can ‘do it’ when they’re busy is the hallmark of people who know coffee. Get on your bike … Head to Fort Specialty Coffee in North Lakes.

We give Fort 8 beans out of 10.

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