BeanBrewding HooHaBar

If you’re a commuter after a great coffee, head for the Hoo Ha Bar in South Brisbane. It’s in the shadows of the busway and train station and makes a handy coffee spot for the public transporter. Certainly a great spot for a CityBus or CityCat coffee tour, which was the real lure for our visit.


We’ve been to a few coffee shop-bar combos in our time like Roost Coffee and John Mills Himself, and the Hoo Ha Bar doesn’t disappoint. The exterior is somewhat understated which extends into a warm and relaxed atmosphere on the inside. It’s the kind of place you could sit and sip coffee all day … well, until it’s time to switch to a tasty porter or stout.


Hoo Ha Bar boasts a house blend and rotating single origins supremely roasted by Supreme Roasters not to be confused with Coffee Supreme (Melbourne) who have recently partnered with Cup Roastworks. The Alpha blend comprises 2 South American beans and a touch of the Commonwealth with a Puerto Rican bean to round it out. We chatted with Anthony and Alex the barista. During our chat it was the Mexican single origin that caught our attention. It sounded like fruit salad in a cup with paw paw as a standout tasting feature.


It was long blacks and a magic on the single origin – who could pass up coffee and fruit for breakfast … in the one cup. Coming from a 7 bag only micro lot, it was a must try. The long blacks definitely delivered a rich paw paw flavour with a hint of melon as it cooled. The milk in the magic sweetened and smoothed the coffee a touch, yet the fruit flavours still came through with a nice tasty finish.


The single origin was delightful and left no doubt that we needed to back up. This time it was a couple of shlongs and a shorty to see if more tropical fruits could shine through. The Mexican was a delightful coffee that was delightfully extracted. What a relaxing environment to enjoy tasty coffee before work … or a tasty beer (for after work).

If you like supreme coffee without all the hoo-ha, head to the Hoo Ha Bar in South Brisbane and treat yourself.