Two Full Bottles Of Cold CleanSkin Coffee

With the warmer weather heading towards us, you might like to know that the Cleanskin Coffee Company make a cold coffee alternative to the brewed coffee served on their premises. The cold option is the result of combining 24hr cold pressed coffee with Maleny full cream milk and then bottling with a crown seal and chilling in the refrigerator. It is sweetened with sugar syrup. Cleanskin use one of their coffee blends – Saint – to make the cold coffee. It is very popular – they processed 200 bottles on the Thursday we were there to meet the demand for the weekend trade.

You can buy singularly or cheaper as a six pack! We bought two bottles to take on a picnic. What a great alternative to hot coffee when in the great outdoors! If you do buy some make sure you have a bottle opener for the crown seal, otherwise it would be a big disappointment – to be so close to a great coffee experience, yet unable to enjoy! We opened the bottles and took a big mouthful – there was a simultaneous, “Ohhh that’s so good!” There is an initial sweetness followed by smooth full-bodied coffee flavour. The milk really makes it rich and creamy – Yummmo!

The downside is you have to travel to Brendale to buy it, as they only sell it on their premises. Otherwise they do sell a cold press kit and you can do it all yourself! Next time we head out for the cold Cleanskin version we will pack glasses and ice to be more refined. Some people looked at us strangely drinking from “stubby” style bottles so early in the day 😉 We look forward to sampling other cold options, that don’t involve cream and parfait glasses, in the future. Great job Cleanskin!

Two finished bottles of Cold CleanSkin Coffee