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The Jacu bird may be endangered but you are in no danger of bad coffee at Jacu Espresso in Norman Park. Although located at the busy intersection of Bennetts Road and Macrossan Avenue, you don’t seem to notice the traffic once inside, even in peak hour. There are plenty of re-used materials  in the furniture and decor making for great photography. Locals enjoy the coffee and unpretentious breakfast menu with home-baked goods… we had to indulge.


On our quest for Brisbane’s best shlong we had a couple of tweets giving the thumbs up for Jacu’s version. So to begin, it was three shlongs made on a single origin washed Rwandan from Veneziano Coffee Roasters. Our host Tom told us to expect syrupy plum and peach flavours, he was not wrong on the syrup … delightful. A great looking crema from the La Marzocco Linea added to the enjoyment.


If you like your milk-based coffee Jacu offers the Veneziano Bella Vita blend and Scenic Rim 4Real Milk. South of Beaudesert the milk is fresh and only delivered within 2 hours of the farm, comes from pasture-based cows and is unhomogenised. The blend is part Ethiopian beans and adds a juicy, fruity taste to your espresso.


Up next was a treat from Panama Silvia poured through a V60. Tom served up a Geisha sourced by Ninety Plus and roasted by Veneziano. Ninety Plus coffee consistently receives scores of 90 plus on the 100 points scoring system. Some Geisha’s can be all talk and no walk … this one walked us to the moon! Tom uses a higher dose in his pour over recipe to bring out more body and opacity. After tasting you won’t need another coffee, this one is to savour. Even a devoted latte drinker will love it.


The Jacu is a pheasant like bird that has the talent to find the best coffee beans then sh*t them out. However, the name Jacu has a clever subtext based on Tom and business partner Greg Pocock’s past experience in life and coffee shops … you’ll have to ask to find out! With Tom receiving mentoring from Veneziano’s best, the coffee is only going to get better at Jacu Espresso in Norman Park.


We score 8 beans.

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