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A Coffee shop in Indooroopilly shopping centre? Mantle & Moon seemed a little out of left field in comparison to many of the coffee shops we have frequented in Brisbane. However, our visit to Plantation Coffee in Melbourne Central shopping centre filled our coffee hopes with optimism. We took on the Saturday morning crowd and headed to Mantle & Moon in the food court, where it has been operating since April this year. We were lucky enough to have chat with Jolie, the roaster who created the signature Constellation blend. The location may have been out of the ordinary but Jolie’s passion for specialty coffee was anything but ordinary. Our chat was as vibrant as the geisha we had as a siphon on our recent Coffee tour.


The Probat 12 kilo roaster is located at East Brisbane near Abrisca Coffee Roasters. There would be some nasal delights in that part of town when both roasters were humming! The blend was built on a Sumatran Wahana Estate that Jolie cupped and found alluringly different. She combined it with equal parts PNG Purosa Estate and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Given most customers would have a milk based coffee, we went for a long macchiato and a latte to put the La Marzocca GB5 through its paces. Wow, that was unexpected! The fruitiness of the long macch was almost single origin-esque in flavour. The latte was smooth and chocolately with a hint of fruitiness.


Jolie said, ‘The aim was to bring craft coffee to the mainstream … or in this case, the mall!’ The blend is certainly a treat for the mainstream. There was a Rwandan Buf single origin in the other hopper. Jolie informed us that it was well-suited to espressos. Time for doppios! They were smooth and tasty with medium acidity and left a note of citrus on our palates after the drinking was done. Who needs a travel agent, when your mouth can travel the world of coffee in air-conditioned comfort?


Although there is a buzz of shoppers hunting specials and foraging for fast food, we felt suspended in a coffee cocoon whilst chatting and sipping. Shopping centres in Brisbane no longer have to be synonymous with ordinary coffee. The next time our partners suggest a shopping expedition, we are going to be over the moon … Well, over to the Mantle & Moon coffee shop at Indooroopilly.


We give it a courageous 7 Moon Beans!

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