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Octane Coffee Co. at Zillmere has been on our radar for quite some time. It seems to have escaped the Brisbane coffee radar as there are little reviews or comments in the online world. Part of the reason is that Octane is community based in its origin, and importantly in its customer base. Garth said, ‘Not many people venture here for coffee other than locals.’ One local came on our coffee tour in the Valley and encouraged us to make the voyage.


Octane has been fueling the coffee needs of the Zillmere community since it’s inception in 2007, when the Has Garanti roaster occupied the same space as the cafe. Although things have expanded, the authentic vintage garage feel echoes throughout the nooks and crannies of the suburban roaster. The Octane logo looks like it could be the badge of a car or motorcycle company. Even the silver bags for your take home coffee beans add to the theme.


The Velocity blend also has a touch of silver … from the Golden Bean Awards. It is a blend of PNG, Colombian and Brazilian beans. The Velocity is the only bean on offer through the Fracino espresso machine. Garth explained, ‘it is designed for milk based coffees and medium roasted … the way the locals like it.’ Mmmm, that sounds familiar. Other beans – blends and single origins are available to buy for the home brewer.


Our black bean drinker tried the blend as a long macchiato and confirmed it was not suited to the black end of the coffee spectrum. The two flat whites in mugs revealed a hint of chocolate and praline, though in hindsight, probably too much milk. We backed up for double shot lattes and these were clearly our preference – the best opportunity for the beans and milk to work together.


We got the feeling of being at the local cafe in a small country town … with the added bonus of freshly roasted coffee and unique beans for sale. Octane’s community focus had the same vibe as we experienced at Mug Shots in Sandgate. If Octane Coffee Co. at Zillmere is beyond your radar, you can sample coffee the locals like from the Octane coffee van as it travels to Jan Power’s markets around Brisbane.

6.5 locally liked beans

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