Update: Reverends have now gone to Uncle Joe’s Coffee beans for their house blend and single origins. The coffee beans might have changed but the experience is still fantastic for the spirit!

We’ve Bean on a mission to head to Reverends Fine Coffee for ages and when we finally made the pilgrimage to the Valley, it was well worth it. There is a small area to sit as you enter the coffee shop – where you can sit on the church pew and prepare to pay homage to the coffee. There is also a larger, quieter area past the counter. The standout features are the exposed bricks, the black ceilings and the hanging lights. It feels like the kind of place an artist or poet might sit to draw inspiration. From a look and feel perspective, it reminds us of the The Little Mule in Melbourne.


With a Mocha mate malfunction, we had the pleasure of two visits in a very short space of time … after our first visit we were delighted to head back. Luke said it was a shame mocha mate couldn’t join us, ‘because our mocha would blow him away. We use Bunker hot chocolate! ‘ MM went for the 70% dark chocolate version on the house blend, aptly named Trinity, with the creamy Maleny milk. Upon his first sip he said, almost to himself, ‘that’s really good … yeah’. With brewed and filtered options available on beans roasted by Peter Wolff Roasters and Cup Specialty Coffee, there is a coffee option to please even the most zealot coffee connoisseur. We had long macchiatos on the Trinity blend that provided a bright and balanced taste on the palate. The Spirit espresso machine looked divine and with Nick at the helm, provided divine coffees.

Given we were at Reverends it seemed only appropriate we try the Kenyan French mission next. We tried it through a chemex and cold drip! Both were silky smooth with a hint of raisins … the cold drip a little more subtle … both delightful coffees. Best chemex ever? One Brewder put it out there! Our second trip, we went for the Ethiopian Galena Abaya through an AeroPress on advice from Nick. We could smell it brewing – it wafted to our table like incense through a church. A fruity, malty flavour, a taste sensation like we’ve never had before.


Luke might go by the nickname ‘the reverend’ but he is also reverent about the coffee and food, a new addition, he serves. Reverends Fine Coffee fulfilled Luke’s dream to run a venue that offered specialty coffee. He originally hoped to roast their own coffee, and with expansion plans afoot, a 5 kilo roaster still forms part of the vision. Reverends is certainly a bright coffee apparition on Brunswick Street. Our original indicator of good coffee spot was if we chose to have a second cup. On our first visit we asked, ‘Should we have another quick one before we go to work?’40 minutes later we were still there … our second visit was no different! Reverends could easily become one of our Top Coffee Chill Spots.

We put 8.5 beans in the offering tray!

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