How about a self-guided CBD coffee tour? Another caffeine fueled idea that popped out over a Kenyan batch brew. We’ve been running Brisbane Coffee Tours since 2012 to help people connect with specialty
coffee in Brisbane.

Self-guided Brisbane CBD Coffee Tour

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We’ve always struggled with how to lead tours to take in some of the amazing coffee venues in the CBD. Time to think outside the latte glass! A list of CBD coffee venues was created and we hand picked eight venues that gives you the opportunity to experience a range of coffee roasters, cover all corners of the city and ensure you experience some great coffee. The venues loved the idea and the self-guided tour, or selfie, was born.


All you need to do is purchase your guide and head to the heart of Brisbane city. Collect a stamp at your first 7 venues and the 8th coffee is FREE at your final destination. Start at any venue. You can try our ordering suggestions or go with your preferred coffee pleasure.

Once you’ve purchased the selfie on Eventbrite we’ll email you a print-ready PDF document. The document includes a mud map, name, address and social media details of the venues. We have also included a bonus third page with photos of the venues to make them easy to find and ordering suggestions from our own personal experiences!


If you want a behind the scenes look at Brisbane’s other great venues, join us on a guided tour. The selfie includes a 10% discount on guided tours. Spend some time in our fair city and enjoy a self-guided CBD coffee tour. To find out more about Brisbane Coffee Tours visit our Coffee Tours page.

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Brisbane CBD Photo Credit: Lauren Bath courtesy of Brisbane Marketing.