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It turns out The Odyssey Project coffee roaster in Milton was inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, and possibly a tattoo! In reality, it represents the next step in the coffee journey for Grindhouse Specialty Coffee. Walking into the inconspicuous venue and seeing Kenesi behind the Strada, there was a sense of Odysseus coming home … Our coffee journey through the Brisbane coffee scene sent us here, almost a year ago since our visit to Grindhouse. The boys have been roasting at Milton since December, with the espresso bar opening in May.


In many ways it reminded us of a mini Cup Roastery, not least the pleasure of sitting in an unpretentious environment and enjoying the coffee and the chat. The handmade counter built by Kenesi added to its charm. This is our kind of scene … oh yeah! The coffee options include espresso and filter. The South and Central Blend is part of the odyssey, although built on the PNG Kimmel as was the original Grindhouse blend, it has evolved by becoming a blend of 3 beans instead of 4. We enjoyed as lattes and it still offers that delightfully smooth taste (which saw its cousin get our best signature blend), with a hint of chocolate and raisins. A perfect accompaniment to a muesli bar after a hard bike riding session!


A step into the pour over on the Finca Alaska (El Salvador) was another delight … they really are channeling Cup! We were so immersed in the experience we were distracted from taking notes, even mental ones (always our sign of a great coffee experience). In retrospect, it could be described as fruity and full-bodied.


We have even less notes to offer on the Mexican Finca Kassandra enjoyed as doppios. When one Brewder asked, ‘How’s the Mexican?’ The response was simply, ‘Mmmmm’, in unison. High praise indeed! When the cups were drained there was a footnote – ‘it was syrupy in texture … I guess I should say, good viscosity.’ Someone was showing off what they learned on our coffee tour in the Valley!


If you’re contemplating a project this weekend, then plan a coffee odyssey to Milton. The Odyssey Project will provide a big tick to your list on the fridge. Delightful coffee, laid back atmosphere and friendly staff … you might even get some carpentry tips. The Odyssey Project coffee roaster in Milton … it’s a TOP place to visit!

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