Outside The Single Guys, Kenmore

The Single Guys is situated across the road from Kenmore State School on a busy roundabout. Just look for the stag. It used to be a real estate office, which explains the large window. The interior fits right in to the smart appearance of Kenmore locals and reminded us of Cleanskin Coffee Co. but less clinical. Their name came about from their passion for single origin beans and not their marital status … sorry ladies.

Inside The Single Guys, Kenmore

We met Ben who was former part owner of One Drop Specialty Coffee over a year ago. The Single Guys beans he imports directly, which Ben says cuts costs for cafes. He also sells the green beans wholesale through another company. Ben roasts his beans and Rouge Coffee beans at The Roastery Cafe venue, what a sweet marriage.

V60 Pour over and house blend mocha

Time for drinks. The V60 filtered El Salvador El Martillo was nicely presented in the V60 Range Server, the flavours were delicate and showcased The Single Guys passion for single origin roasting. They also offer iced coffees (black or white) made on the V60 that is filtered with cane sugar into ice cubes. The specially roasted Honduran delivered a refreshing and mellow drinking option. Mocha Mate went for the mocha on the House Blend that uses Bunker dark chocolate – another sweet marriage. The House Blend consists of 50% Costa Rica Don Mayo, 30% Ethiopia Korate washed and 20% Ethiopia Korate natural. Ben says that he uses both natural and washed because natural beans balance out the mild flavour of Costa Rican beans. The mocha was sublime and is top of the list for our next ‘Best of’ edition. See what made the cut in our 10000 View Edition.


Second round of coffee was two doppios made on Costa Rica Finca La Union, Cerra Alto, honey processed. Ben explained honey processed is a method synonymous with Costa Rica which involves taking the pulp off and then naturally sun drying the beans without washing the fruity mucilage off. Costa Rican is usually a milder coffee and so this process gives a sweetness to improve it. The doppios got better with time and displayed a good smooth acidity, easy to drink and a pleasing sweet aftertaste.

The House Blend and a rotating single origin are on sale along with V60 drippers and servers. The Single Guys are open seven days a week with plenty of parking and have a small brunch type food menu.

If you are out to score an eligible single guy … unlucky. If you are out to score single origin coffee then go to The Single Guys.

We score them 8.5 beans out of 10.

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