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Bean Brewding hosted its second coffee tour, this time in the Valley on the 9th of June. We keep getting asked what happened? Here are the highlights of the day.

Blue Sky Coffee

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_02

The day started with bleak skies but we were heading for Blue Sky Coffee and the focus was coffee roasting. With coffee tour passport in hand twelve of us were about to have Alex roast up some fresh Ecuadorian Espindola beans.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_03

While we enjoyed the aromas and listened for the crack Alex explained the roasting process and monitored temperatures and timings.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_04

The best bit was when we all got a bag of the beans to take home, instructed to keep in the pantry and not to touch for at least five days. That was going to be torture!

Bellissimo Coffee

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_06

A short walk and we had our own personal training room at Bellissimo Coffee. John and Romeo were waiting and ready to impart the art of espresso, barista tips, the grind and the bean. While we listened we were served beautiful little lattes on their Italian dark roast. John explained types of grinders and how important the grind was for a perfect espresso.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_07

Romeo demonstrated tamping, espresso pouring and milk texturing – his humour came for free.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_08

We all got the opportunity to make our own espresso and then the best bit – drinking it!

Green Beacon Brewing

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_10

Green Beacon Brewing provided the venue for lunch and appreciation of the other type of brewing.  Andrew took the tour group through the brewery, explained all the equipment and poured us all a Penny Porter.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_11

Andrew advised to wait for the beer to warm up a little so the flavours can develop. How interesting that beer like coffee develops through waiting. The Penny Porter was such a great beer to accompany the coffee still lingering on our palates.

Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_13

We walked into the heart of the Valley fueled up from delicious Green Beacon Ploughman’s plates and chanting more brew, more brew, more brew… We arrived at Ltd Espresso and were here for the + Brew Bar. After a tour group photo courtesy of a selfie from atop the council rubbish bin, it was time for a filtered coffee phenomenon.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_14

Luke had kindly been on the Cleanskin Coffee Company hotline and organised four single origin roasts, he also closed up shop for us. Lukes plan was for the natural processed coffee to be brewed through the siphon and the washed processed coffee through a V60 pour over. Naturally processed coffee is sweeter and so better suited to the syphon. We were privileged to taste a very high quality Panama Geisha varietal. Just as satisfying was a Panama Emporium Estate, Ethiopian Karote and Australian Mountain Top Estate.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTour Jun13_15

So that’s what happened on the coffee tour in the Valley. We are grateful to all the venues for taking us behind the scenes. More photos from the day can be found on Twitter using #bbcoffeetour. Keep Brisbane’s coffee culture brewing by visiting these venues and more local cafes like them whenever you can!