The shlong is fast becoming one of our favourite black coffees, so it was no surprise we went on a quest to answer the question, ‘where’s the best shlong in Brisbane?’ It’s not uncommon to get some weird looks if you’re game to ask for a shlong … check out our Bear Bones Espresso post for a classic reaction!

So what is a shlong? In essence, it’s a short long … usually a double shot with equal amounts of hot water. Not quite a long black and a bit more than a doppio. View our guide to getting to know your coffee. Sometimes called a ‘long black, low tide’… but shlong is our flavourite! Here are our picks for the best shlongs in Brisbane:

Dandelion and Driftwood


We had our first shlong well over a year ago … at that time we couldn’t believe our ears when Peter said, ‘how about a shlong?’ We had to have one just for the novelty factor, even though we weren’t quite sure what to expect! The delightfully extracted Ethiopian left us in no doubt, this was a coffee drink of real merit. Since then, time and again, Dandelion and Driftwood deliver delightful shlongs!

First Pour


It’s always a delight to walk into a coffee shop and have baristas say ‘no worries’. In fact we had a short shlong on First Pour’s Seasonal blend at the barista’s recommendation … she said, ‘I drink way too much coffee so I have short shlongs all the time.’ Then the super shlong, the barista cracked open a bag of a Guatemalan single origin from the retail shelf suggesting it would be super. Whoa … it was super and delivered a double shot of deliciousness. It made the cut after the first sip!

LTD Espresso + Brew Bar


The shlong has been on LTD’s menu for a long time  … Not only that, Luke shared his shlong on Twitter! The recipe of course. We’ve shown many a barista the tweet following our request for a shlong. You will always get a beautifully extracted shlong at LTD, whether it’s a single origin or a tasty blend. We were going to say it was our drink of choice until we had the C&T … but that’s another post!

Bear Bones Espresso


When we asked for the shlong, one brekky diner nearly dropped her avocado smash on toast when she heard the order. ‘Is that the same as a long black, low tide? I just want to make sure we’re talking the same language’, Kurtis inquired. The double ristretto shlong arrived on the House blend and definitely gave a hint of fruitiness.

Contessa by Blackstar


The Single origin on offer was a Nicaraguan Maragogype — the beans were so big they nearly popped out of the hopper. Donald was keen to take on the shlong and delivered it as a double ristretto. There was a definite colour profile of orange.

Solo Espresso


A Guatemalan Plan Del Guayabo single origin was on offer at Solo. For some reason when we ask for a shlong, it’s closely followed by polite weird looks. With directions darting everywhere, the first solo attempt of the shlong at the La Marzocco machine took flight and delivered a bright aroma and a delightful experience for the palate.

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