WICd Coffee Tour

Our second Brisbane coffee tour in November titled WIC’d (Women in Coffee) celebrated women in the Brisbane specialty coffee industry. So it was appropriate that all our tourists were also women excited to learn from their sisterhood. Blue Sky Coffee demonstrated the art of coffee roasting, Lola Coffee showcased one bean prepared multiple ways and Black Sheep Coffee featured alternate brew methods.

Blue sky coffee

Leila at Blue Sky Coffee revealed the journey from green bean to brown. As we sipped on some espresso’s the roaster churned, the beans crackled and popped. Then finally the gate opened and a sea of fresh coffee and smoke surged into our senses.

Lola coffee

This was the first Bean Brewding coffee tour for Lola Coffee with our host Corinne. We enjoyed a Kenyan single origin brewed in a plunger, Aeropress, Chemex and cold drip. The mouthwatering morning tea cooked in-house went down a treat before the balmy walk ahead.

Black sheep coffee

Emily was our host at Black Sheep Coffee. On the table ready for brewing was a naturally processed El Salvador Buena Vista single origin bean. Emily demonstrated her favourite filter method, a V60 pour over. Along side that we also sampled the cold drip version and compared flavours. A parting goody bag of coffee beans and brew guides to try at home was well received.

WICd logos

Huge thanks to Blue Sky, Lola and Black Sheep for your womanly hospitality and thanks to the great gals who joined the tour to celebrate women in coffee!