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Dandelion & Driftwood – Hendra

Peter turned the sign to "Open" and we were welcomed in to our first collective visit to Dandelion & Driftwood. There is no doubt that reviews about this cafe abound the Internet, the unique thing for us is our passion…

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Campos Cupping Course

What a wonderful opportunity! Yelp Brisbane organised a cupping course at Campos Coffee in the Valley, and we were invited! Campos opened up their purpose built cupping room so that we could experience an insight into the world of coffee…

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Findo’s Cafe – Toowoomba

Findo's cafe is now permanently closed. Sleepless City Roasters is open.

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Grindhouse Specialty Coffee – Stones Corner

Update: Grindhouse is now the offspring of the Odyssey Project coffee roasters. The new blend on offer is 50% PNG Kimmel Estate - so there is a connection to the original Grindhouse blend. The cold drip on the Kimmel was…

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The Burrow – West End

There has been a bit of a buzz around the Internet recently about The Burrow. It has been in operation for just over 2 months. We were looking forward to trying out the specially created Burrow Blend. The unique blend…

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Elixir Coffee – Stafford

We love to go to coffee premises where there is a great vibe coming from both clients and staff. Elixir Coffee is one of those wonderful places. At Elixir you can sit in the lounge (cafe feel), roasting room (warehouse…

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Blackstar Coffee – West End

We have independently 'bean' back to Blackstar a few times since this post. Happy to report the La Marzocco is back and pumping out wonderful 'Revs' ... Oh and the iced Black Coffee is tasty! We will be back to…

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Neli Coffee – Clontarf

If you live on the Redcliffe Peninsula and thought you were missing out on a boutique coffee roaster...  you're not. Neli Coffee is located in Clontarf and beans are roasted on the premises about three times a week. The range…

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The Byron Coffee Special

Have you ever noticed sometimes when you start looking into something, you then see it everywhere? Like when you are looking for a new car - you choose a make and model and then you seem to notice them everywhere.…

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Byron Coffee Special – Ewingsdale Coffee Estate

We often discuss coffee from an ethical and environmental perspective. One day the discussion led to 'coffee miles' and the environmental issues connected to drinking coffee from around the world. Coupled with recent exposure to Byron Bay coffee roasters and…

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