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Fonzie Abbott Espresso – Hamilton

Fonzie Abbott Espresso is one of those places that seem to transport you away from the mundane, even though it is located on the busy Racecourse Rd. The small 'deck' out the front provides the opportunity to look beyond the…

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Cafe Ô-mai – Annerley

This cosy cafe is a recent addition to the Annerley area. When the Indian restaurant closed down and renos started, the local chatter was, 'I wonder what it's going to be?' After weeks of speculation, Cafe Ô-mai opened. Then, the…

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The Dancing Bean Espresso Bar – Banyo

Dancing Bean Espresso had been on our 'Coffee Shop Target List' for ages. One of the features that caught our attention on their website was the great videos, on all things coffee (Scoop: they are soon to be updated!). The…

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Cafeine – Coorparoo

Cafeine has been on of those coffee shops we have visited consistently over the years. The distinctive red and white colouring attracts the eye. Fortunately they have the coffee that attracts the palette! There are number of cafes in the…

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A New Twist On ‘Home Brew’

We were chatting at Caffeine Espresso about cold drip coffee and how it might lead a bit of a renaissance in the coffee trade this summer. One experience we had at a coffee shop when we asked for an iced…

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Bean To Melbourne … Too

There are no tenuous Brisbane coffee links, as with our first Melbourne review, that prompted the visits to these coffee shops - they were purely functional reasons. We needed coffee!! Here are two more coffee shops you might like to…

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