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Trying to work out our Flavourites for the year that’s bean is like trying to vote in Triple J’s Hottest 100—all those great songs you heard earlier in the year that you were going to remember! Fortunately, we wrote down the coffee shops we visited … but so many wonderful experiences to choose from. Each bean poured over their caffeinated memories to select our 2013 Flavourites … so without further ado, the envelope please!


Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar

Not only has the coffee always been delightful, the enthusiasm and passion Luke has for coffee is infectious. We had some amazing conversations … one leading to the birth of sparkling spiced coffee! LTD was also last leg of our walking coffee tour around the Valley. If LTD was our local, one of us would be like Norm in Cheers … always sitting at the bar with a coffee in hand.

Ltd frontage


Cup Roastery

The Cup Roastery was our first coffee shop review in 2013 and after 17 more reviews remains at number 2 on our league table. The roastery serves Cup Coffee at it’s best, but if you cannot get to Woolloongabba then visit one of the many cafes now serving the specialty coffee. Our flavourite part is fresh take away beans to experiment with. Josh gives you access to supreme quality beans, roasts them impeccably to bring out flavours you never thought you could get in your own home.

Cup Roastery Interior

The Tiller

The Tiller Coffee

Chris and Charlie are the friendliest two people, so when you drop past their shipping container it feels more like you’re visiting your friends’ house than a commercial coffee shop. The raw passion and dedication to coffee that The Tiller team exudes is contagious, and the ever-changing selection of coffee beans from various boutique roasters across Australia keeps the menu fresh, interesting and exciting. We’ve been visiting more as the weather’s been warming up, so the cold-drip coffee has become a Tiller favourite.


You are Invited!

We are celebrating The Year That’s Bean and are inviting our followers, readers and likers to join us. So if you would like to meet us for the first time or get reacquainted, here is what you need:

Location: Green Beacon Brewing, Helen St, Newstead

Time: 5pm Sunday 5th January 2014

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