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Yirgy Bear Blend – Uncle Joe’s Coffee House

In essence this post might become an homage to the Yirgy Bear blend proudly served at Uncle Joe's Coffee House. As often happens in life, all good things come to an end - the Yirgy Bear has been replaced as…

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The Odyssey Project Coffee Roaster In Milton

It turns out The Odyssey Project coffee roaster in Milton was inspired by Homer's Odyssey, and possibly a tattoo! In reality, it represents the next step in the coffee journey for Grindhouse Specialty Coffee. Walking into the inconspicuous venue and…

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Back To The Future

With 20,000 views of the Bean Brewding Blog just around the corner, we thought we would break with tradition and go back to the future by re-doing a past review. Why? You might ask. We looked back on our coffee…

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