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Can You Make Great Coffee In A Drip Filter Coffee Machine?

After finding a drip filter coffee machine at the back of the office cupboard I asked myself 'can you make great coffee in a drip filter coffee machine?' My memories of drip filters in the office are of stale, bitter…

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Flavour Of The Month For April

Bean Brewding’s Flavour of the Month for April, or more affectionately known as our Flavourites, include: Grindhouse Grindhouse Specialty Coffee – Stones Corner With the warmer weather still lingering in April, the wonderful blend on offer at Grindhouse was also available…

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It seemed like creating a beerspresso, by substituting icy cold beer for the soda water in sparkling coffee, was a great idea. And believe me, it was pretty tasty! But a Google of the term beerspresso revealed something much more…

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Dovetail On Overend In Norman Park

Dovetail on Overend in Norman Park has been created with the experience from reviewing over 170 coffee shops. Bean Hunter champion Adam Thomson and his wife Rejoice have opened their own cafe for the Norman Park locals to enjoy. Does…

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