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Suburban Spotlight On Local Coffee Roasters

There are always coffee shops popping up in Brisbane. This trend is also happening in the coffee roasting space as well. We're always on the lookout for new places, particularly where the coffee on offer is roasted in-house ... or…

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Brisbane Coffee Tour In November 2016

The Brisbane coffee tour in November was a bespoke tour that we arranged for a group of family and friends. This tour combined their love of coffee and beer. The vibe was jovial and joker-full. Merlo Coffee conducted a cupping…

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Brisbane Coffee Tour In October 2016

Adventurous coffee lovers joined our Brisbane coffee tour in October. This was our first mystery tour. The venues were a mystery until the week before. Coffee Anthology guided us through espresso tasting, Day Made served up the same coffee three…

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Extraction Artisan Coffee In Slacks Creek

If you think the greater Brisbane area is the only place to have a great coffee experience, think again! We have known the peeps behind Extraction Artisan Coffee in Slacks Creek since our very early coffee tour days. As a…

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Is Coffee In The US Any Good?

Here's a question we often get asked on our coffee tours, 'Is coffee in the US any good?' People think US coffee is parallel to what the dog is doing on the fire hydrant. In short, however, there are some…

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Brisbane Coffee Tour In July 2016

The Moreton Bay region is quickly growing in coffee destinations. Our Moreton Bay coffee tour in July saw the regions leading lights open their doors to showcase their delightful coffees and support What's cooking in the Gardens? Semi-pro Coffee demonstrated…

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Suburban Spotlight – Amble And Adore

Our latest Suburban Spotlight on Amble and Adore at Coorparoo is a local favourite of one bean. It's a delightful suburban coffee shop that always presents beautifully brewed Coffee Supreme coffee. It might double as a shop with some homewares but…

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Brisbane Coffee Tour In June 2016

Brisbane loves coffee, so we decided to run an Origins of Brisbane Coffee Tour and see where it all began. Merlo Coffee demonstrated alternate brew methods, Di Bella Coffee demonstrated the art of espresso and Wolff Coffee Roasters conducted coffee…

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Coffee Iconic In The Brisbane CBD

We've often felt like some coffee venues in the city are like an oasis from the hustle and bustle and Coffee Iconic in the Brisbane CBD fits the bill perfectly. The tree-filled garden is a perfect place to extract yourself…

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Coffee Appreciation; The Ultimate Crop To Cup Journey With Di Bella Coffee

Di Bella Coffee provide a range of coffee education courses, we were fortunate enough to join the Coffee Appreciation course. They are run Saturday mornings at the Di Bella warehouse in Bowen Hills. We were in an intimate group of…

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