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20160415 Abrisca (2)

It started with a trip to Stanthorpe and a coffee at Vincenzo’s. The coffee being served was Abrisca. Wonder where that’s from … ‘Roasted in Brisbane’, was the reply when asked. A google search found that Abrisca stood for A Brisbane Coffee Addiction! A few days later, the Courier-Mail did one of their regular stories on coffee – this time on coffee roasters. There was a facebook message indicating that the exclusion of Abrisca was an oversight. Further investigation was required. We headed off to East Brisbane to locate the roaster and sample the coffee. Abrisca has been roasting coffee for over 10 years and resulted from two people leaving Aromas and joining Koffee-Tek, a business that has been servicing coffee equipment for over 17 years.


There is an ‘old school’ feel about the whole place – unpretentious surroundings, down to earth staff, a willingness to show you around – one of us had their head stuck in a coffee machine being dismantled for service. If you are looking for a slick, trendy cafe and roastery then this not the place for you! If you are adventurous, love to engage with extremely passionate people and enjoy freshly roasted coffee, brewed in a unique Plus machine, then head to Manilla Street. No salubrious surroundings just seriously interesting coffee that is very reasonably priced. The Premium blend was the only bean on offer so we started with a flat white. The blend is made up of 8 beans from seven different countries. It has a small percentage of robusta beans. Veneziano also uses robusta in their Forza blend as we discovered on our visit. The coffee is dark roasted and has a real depth of flavour – you know you are drinking coffee – there is a real punch to this blend. After chatting, looking at the 20 kg Petroncini roaster doing its thing, and chatting about the double roasting technique they employ, we went back for a long Macchiato. Wow, that provided a punchy coffee hit – but no bitter aftertaste.

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If you are keen to sample locally roasted coffee with passion … and punch, then head to Abrisca. No airs and graces, no chic surrounds – just wonderful people who love everything coffee and sell it to you at very reasonable prices. They have a Grand Championship ribbon in the cappuccino class at the Sydney Show to their credit, with their head roaster currently on the judging panel. They know coffee, as Sherrie said, ‘we are wonderful at what we do, we just do it a little differently to everybody else’. They are looking to add extra seating (currently a very limited number of milk crates are available outside) to the surrounds and iced coffee to the menu.

We give an ‘old school’ 8 beans.


Thanks to Ray’s Gone Beans for the pics!


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