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Lilo Inside

There are no tenuous Brisbane coffee links, as with our first Melbourne review, that prompted the visits to these coffee shops – they were purely functional reasons. We needed coffee!! Here are two more coffee shops you might like to visit if you head to Melbourne.

Plantation Specialty Coffee

Inside Plantation coffee shop

Plantation  is located in the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre – this provides the perfect location for coffee lovers and retail therapists. Apparently, Melbourne is to coffee (for me) as Melbourne is to shopping (for her). Plantation provided us the best of both worlds. They use coffee from St Ali coffee roasters located at South Melbourne. The first surprise was the row of cold drip vessels on display with various levels of liquid – ‘I must have one of those’, was a thought I blurted out. The friendly barista said, ‘one is 5-10 minutes away from being ready’. I had plenty of time, there were 4 levels of shops, maybe more! We savoured the wonderfully smooth and fruity cold drip on the Colombian Santuario, which had a Coffee of the Year (COTY #1) award.

Plantation cold drip cofee

The barista came out to check our thoughts on the cold drip and chat about coffee, where we were from, etc. He said, ‘I am about to brew a Kenyan Ngutu as Chemex, would you like to try it?’ Having plenty of time til the shops closed. Another juicy Kenyan, yummo – it was worth the wait (not sure how the credit card was holding up!). When I went to say thanks and he said, ‘Here try it as a pour over.’ It was the first time I had tried the same single origin brewed in two different ways and although the dosage of each process is different, they each showcase different characteristics of the bean. What an experience – the best shopping trip I have ever been on … seriously!

Plantation on Urbanspoon


Lilo Long machiato

Although Lilo is in Mornington, on the Mornington Peninsula, it deserves special mention on the ‘Bean to Melbourne’ post. A trip to Lilo was born out of necessity! Disappointingly, I had some of the worst coffees (probably okay if you like dark roasted caffeine smacks) on the peninsula and I was getting desperate! The tip came from the Tourist Information folks who indicated it was ‘must stop’ venue along a picturesque coastal drive. Indeed it was! It served Supreme Coffee, and with a great coffee under our belt at The Little Mule, I was supremely optimistic. It also gives me the opportunity to make another gratuitous Brisbane link – The Frisky Goat Espresso in the CBD uses Supreme Roasters coffee!

The question was go heavy on the milk, and hope, or have faith! Fortune favours the brave … I had an amazingly smooth and tasty long macchiato that restored my faith in peninsula coffee (Neli Coffee do such a wonderful job here in Brisbane, well Redcliffe). I took the opportunity to have another – it could be a long time before the next. Lilo won Regional Victorian Cafe Restaurant 2011 – I think they are worthy winners. They have a quirky collection of everything that is green and is a great visual experience whilst enjoying the coffee and other yummy stuff. The green theme extended The Origin Blend, which when viewed on the Supreme website, has a green label! Nice touch.

Inside Lilo Cafe

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