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BeanBrewding BearBones

Heading towards Bear Bones Espresso in Fortitude Valley it was a serious case of déjà vu … their sandwich board was in the exact position where Commodity Cafe once stood. One roller door down provided one more Brisbane coffee experience. The light industrial environment was right up our alley, which is the feel you get as you walk past the spray painted artwork and black walls. At the end of the ‘alley’ is a vast expanse where the green beans and Probat roaster lie in wait.


Bear Bones roast their own House blend which is a pretty even mix of Kenyan, Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Costa Rican beans. It’s early days and Kurtis said, ‘we’re still tweaking it a bit and we have plans for single origins and specialty coffees in the future.’


When we asked for a shlong, one brekky diner nearly dropped her avocado smash on toast when she heard the order. ‘Is that the same as a long black, low tide? I just want to make sure we’re talking the same language’, Kurtis inquired. Upon confirmation, the double ristretto shlong arrived with a latte and a long macchiato.


The house blend is suited to milk and the Maleny milk definitely brings out the chocolate in the white coffees. You can definitely get a hint of fruitiness from the blend in black. After a self-guided tour around the premises, we were keen for the comfort of more caffeine.


Our second round included a long macch, a long black and a piccolo. We sipped and mused about the vibe we got on our first visit to Rouge Coffee and how we sensed a bright future then, as we did now.


Although Bear Bones might seem a bit bare-boned at the moment, there is a sense that the Bear will blossom. Keep your eye out on the Bear Bones progression! Finally, another half-way house between the coffee delights of Brunswick and Wandoo-ful streets. If you’re after a comforting coffee, take the journey down McLachlan street to Bear Bones Espresso in Fortitude Valley … It could be right up your alley!

We score 7.5 bright beans.

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