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It seemed like creating a beerspresso, by substituting icy cold beer for the soda water in sparkling coffee, was a great idea. And believe me, it was pretty tasty! But a Google of the term beerspresso revealed something much more exciting … you could actually buy beerspresso in a bag! What’s beerspresso? Well, the label itself provides a great answer to that question.


Twitter conversations with @BrewSmithAu revealed that the barley malts were quite dense and needed some time to release their sugars/flavours. The advice was the longer the brew time, the better the results. Just like brewing a beer … apparently! Armed with that knowledge, it was time for taste testing.


First cab off the rank was an aeropress. In terms of preparation, it was the same as always – dose, bloom, stir and wait. Instead of the usual 90 sec brew time, it was 5 mins followed by 30 mins.

The 5 min result … if an Ironman/woman was going to a have a morning coffee, this would be the brew of choice – seriously like a breakfast energy drink. A great way to try black coffee for the first time!

The 30 min brew … it was almost too viscous for the humble aeropress … a few hefty presses resulted in a dribble of fluid, like squeezing a dried orange. Upside – there was a depth of flavour from the mouthful, closer to what might be expected from beerspresso. Not really practical though … next time its a french press!



The name begs you to try the mixture as an espresso. The grind of the beerspresso is quite course … and for very good reason! One bean thought a re-grind might release more flavour and only succeeded in creating a malted coffee cake the size of a puk! The best result was using the dual floor basket that came with the trusty Sunbeam. The crema was quite surprising. The black drink was a subtle taste with no outstanding features. The white version – a beerspresso latte – was like a coffee breakfast cereal in a cup and somehow warming … like a bowl of porridge.

Cold Brew

Long brew time … Mmmmm, time for the for the trusty tea strainer (knew it’d come in handy one day!) and the 24hr cold brew method. Then 2 days in the fridge … surely this would release sugars and flavours! Oh yeah, now we’re talking, deep and rich flavours – it was worth the wait. The beer notes of the beerspresso were definitely there, it was like drinking a still porter or black IPA … without the alcohol! It was time to channel a micro-brewery and go for the beer-fizz by adding soda water to the cold brew. Woohoo … seriously, if you like dark beer you gotta try it this way.


If you like malty dark beers and feel like creating a beerspresso at home, definitely give the unique blend of coffee and malted barley a try.

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