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Bb Dalby Feature

We have been running coffee tours across Brisbane since 2012 to provide coffee lovers and drinkers with a deeper and more intimate coffee experience. In recent times we have had the opportunity to host bespoke corporate events and tailor-made coffee tours for groups.

Coffee glassing

Have you heard of coffee cupping? How about coffee glassing? We put a unique spin on coffee tasting at a networking event for Korn Ferry. It was a fusion between cupping and wine tasting!

Coffee glassing

We brewed three amazing single origin coffees, expertly roasted by Bear Bones Espresso, with one ‘mystery’ coffee from an unknown origin thrown in as a surprise. The group sniffed, slurped and discussed flavours to identify whether coffees were from Brazil, Colombia or El Salvador … or the mystery location!

Bespoke tour

Sometimes we never know where we will end up on bespoke tours. One group were keen to experience two brews … coffee and beer. So we visited coffee and beer venues which led us to making some impromptu coffee beer. It was almost a Christmas Brewfest in February.

Bespoke tourists

An energetic bunch of educators were keen to learn more about the journey from crop to cup, so we chalked up another bespoke tour around Brisbane. Caffeinated chatter filled the air as we created a blend for the air roaster at The Coffee Roaster at West End.


When you have your own bus, it makes life easier! A crew of the caffeine curious from Burnie Brae joined us for a look at coffee roasting and cupping – with a tasty morning tea thrown in. An enigmatic Peter Wolff had the crowd enthralled with stories. If you would like a bespoke corporate or celebratory event, we’re always happy to assist.

Di Bella

When you’re keen to immerse yourself in a complete coffee experience, contact us to explore how we can provide you and your group with a bespoke tailor-made opportunity to learn, experience and enjoy!

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