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Black Sheep Coffee in Woolloongabba is happy to stray from the flock when it comes to quality coffee. Entering the roastery reminded us of the Woolloongabba Social Club (formerly Cup Roastery), just a stones throw away.


A master builder had been at work constructing furniture, the counter, shelves and the bathroom. The same builder also knows how to roast specialty coffee. Mark started in humble beginnings serving Merlo coffee at Rocklea markets nearly 20 years ago. He then branched out and started roasting his own beans, still serving from a coffee cart at the markets to this day. The roastery has been open to the public for 8 months and has been well received. The Japanese style crockery matches the surrounding woodwork. A first for Bean Brewding, we found Brisbane’s best coffee shop bathroom! It’s surprisingly homely and functional.

the bench

After watching customers flock to freshly delivered pastries it was time for some coffee. The four coffee grinders next to the Synesso espresso machine provided an excellent choice of coffee options. The Top Paddock blend consists of beans from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Rwanda. This is one of the better tasting ‘black’ blends we’ve had in the past and was one of our June flavourties. Today we chose Ethiopian Limu as 1 plus 1. One piccolo and one short black at the same time. Remarkably it was brighter in the piccolo than in the short black. The short black was creamy and like velvet. The filter option was Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires, honey processed and presented beautifully. Honey, lime and black tea were in the tasting notes. We enjoyed it most when it had cooled 20 minutes later.

specilaty tea and coffee

Another first for Bean Brewding – drinking specialty tea. Experiencing the ying and yang of Black Sheep, the tea gave a calming effect on the nervous system and took the edge of the coffee buzz. Specialty tea is a lot like coffee, it was a single origin from Taiwan and came with tasting notes. Named GABA Oolong Nantou, the GABA represents traces of gamma-Aminobutyric acid in the tea responsible for the calming effect.

We enjoyed our experience with Chie Dahms who took wonderful photos and we thank you very much. She has provided us with great Brisbane Coffee Tour pics in the past, so it was wonderful to have her join us for a review!

We have now bean a few times, and as well as a couple of Bean Brewding firsts, Black Sheep Coffee in Woolloongabba has always provided us with consistent quality coffee. So why don’t you make it first on your list of coffee experiences?

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