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We have independently ‘bean’ back to Blackstar a few times since this post. Happy to report the La Marzocco is back and pumping out wonderful ‘Revs’ … Oh and the iced Black Coffee is tasty! We will be back to do a re-review.

You will find Blackstar Coffee Roasters in a modest building just off Vulture Street at West End, where they have been located since the late 2000s. The cafe has a real ‘West End’ vibe with a mix of clientele and eclectic fittings. The seating area appears to be more open and inviting since we last went, which adds to the laid back charm. We were looking forward to our coffees, as Blackstar always provide a double – woohoo – as a ristretto pour. Unfortunately, the only bean on offer was Revolution Espresso, which we have reviewed previously, so although somewhat disappointed we were not entirely crestfallen. The reason for the limited choice was the usual espresso machine was in Italy for an extended period undergoing repair. When asked about the model of the current machine we were told, “I’m not really sure what it is but it’s not very good!”


Our double shots arrived and as we drank we agreed that the flavour was okay but not great. The usual depth of coffee flavour associated with ‘The Rev’ seemed to be lost somewhere. Even our Piccolo Pal, who had his standard double shot piccolo, was waiting for the familiar coffee hit. Maybe the machine lacked the punch or the finesse required to deliver the brew we were used too! There was no bitter after taste and the coffee was fine – I guess our usual expectations of Blackstar were higher than what was delivered.

Cup of BlackStar coffee

There was still plentiful choice of Blackstar roasted bean in it’s familiar packaging. In line with their commitment to source local produce, we noticed Byron Bay beans on sale. There’s that Byron influence again. We look forward to returning to BlackStar when the ‘usual’ machine comes back from holidays in Italy!


We give it 7 beans out of 10!

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