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The aroma is amazing! I stayed there sniffing the open bag until I was awoken from my nasal bliss with the forlorn sound of my wife’s voice, “aren’t you making that coffee now?” Fortunately that wonderful aroma accompanied me throughout the coffee making process, so all was not lost!

The taste of the coffee was as good as the aroma! It was very smooth when I took my first sip and then, seemingly out of nowhere, a delightful punch of coffee flavour danced on my tongue. It reminded me of drinking a great Irish whiskey – initially a pleasant taste and then the warm feeling of the alcohol hits you. The depth of flavour of the ‘Rev’ (as referred to by BlackStar) kind of sneaks up on you and gives you great coffee richness. Believe me it is well worth the wait. I enjoyed the coffee to the very last drop! If I was at a coffee shop, I would have easily been tempted to order another straight away.

For me, definitely a great blend and I was keen to try it as a double espresso as suggested on the BlackStar website. I brewed up one at home and shared one with my son. It met my high expectations and my son was impressed. He said, “there really is a punch after the smoothness. It’s bloody nice.” High praise indeed! As Molly Meldrum would say, “do your self a favour!” Definitely a great choice for the home brewer/barista. My summation is, ‘mellow then punchy’. You can find out more ‘technical’ coffee notes about the Revolution Espresso blend at the BlackStar website.

BlackStar coffee beans

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