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As the bike rider of the group, coffee drinking plays a big part of my life. It is a bit strange then that the first blend I review is decaffeinated. Part of the reason for buying Clean Bean was an attempt to reduce my caffeine intake. The other was that alternative drinking options such as hot chocolate and chai latte were becoming too sweet for my palette.

I read about Clean Bean on the Blue Sky website and was intrigued by the Swiss Water decaffeination process. After my second coffee at Blue Sky premises, I decided it was now or never! I bought the decaf ….

The first thing I noticed was that the beans were much smaller and darker than the caffeine-full beans we had on the go. The thing I like most about having coffee beans in the house is the aroma (I often pick the bag up for a sniff!). Clean Bean has a sharp aroma, not as subtle as the ones I am used too. It was a bit like smelling milk chocolate all the time and then suddenly smelling dark chocolate.

In terms of taste, the coffee did have a bittersweet element as suggested on the packaging. The best description I could think of to describe the taste was ‘earthy.’ It looked like coffee, smelt like coffee and tasted like coffee. I am keen to explore other decaf blends now!

Although I have not had decaffeinated beans before, I really liked what Clean Bean had to offer and I have enjoyed it both hot and cold! I enjoyed the coffee experiences without the caffeine. It makes a great afternoon/evening alternative if your worried about caffeine – just blend up a couple of shots, milk and ice cubes and enjoy the sunset. Very nice!

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