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Our Brisbane Coffee Tour in March was organised specifically for a group of southside coffee lovers who were keen for a ‘behind the scenes’ experience. It’s not often we get one bunch of friends to join us on a coffee tour so it was a great opportunity to for us to create an experience for them to remember collectively.

We met the tourists over breakfast and coffee at Veneziano Coffee Roasters Queensland in West End. After a jovial chat and full tummies we literally headed behind the scenes … well behind the door … into the inner roasting sanctum. Calder gave us a wonderful insight into coffee roasting and the transition of the bean from green to brown. We then sipped on a high grade Robusta and a Ninety-Plus Arabica prepared by JP as a pour over so we could sample the roasted bean in its milk free state.


It was on the bus to The Coffee Roaster … not with this bunch! ‘Beautiful day, let’s walk’ was the cry and so we did. We met Duncan who took us behind the scenes … well up the stairs … to the training room where we got to sniff, slurp and savour a range of coffees to identify our likes and dislikes.


We then set about mixing the brewed single origins to create a unique blend. After much conjecture and debate the unique blend was christened and one lucky tourist got to roast the beans on the mini air roaster. What a jam-packed experience! We definitely needed to get on the City Bus to the next venue.


With a hop, step and jump from the Southbank Busway we were seated in the HooHa Bar in the middle of Brewsvegas 2015 celebrations. What a way to finish the tour … a coffee Kolsch. Anthony gave us a behind the scenes insight into working with All Inn Brewing to brew the beer with Ethiopian beans roasted by Supreme Roasters. The tourists got taste the beans as a prepared coffee of their choice and then in the beer. If the crowd wasn’t full beans already, they were now! It was a great way to finish the day, kicking back and drinking coffee and beer in the one glass.


Thanks heaps to our hosts – Veneziano Coffee Roasters Queensland, The Coffee Roaster and the HooHa Bar. As Gary, one of our tourists said, ‘Such knowledgable and passionate people at each destination so willing to share their craft—the effort they had taken to prepare for our visit was impressive.’ We couldn’t have said it better! If you’re keen to experience a Brisbane Coffee Tour check our tour calendar or contact us directly to arrange your own.

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