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BeanBrewding CoffeeTourPhotos May156

The second Brisbane Coffee Tour in May gave tourists a ‘behind the scenes’ coffee experience with the passionate people who make coffee their business.

The tour began at Coffee Supreme Brisbane in Woolloongabba. Josh called upon a helper to roast coffee. The coffee on offer was Kenyan Chorongi to be roasted for filter brewing methods. As the green bean turned to brown and the air filled with coffee pleasure we sipped on the very coffee being roasted. Many tourists enjoyed filtered coffee for the first time and were pleased the freshly roasted beans would be bagged and taken home with them.

The braistas also took our orders for espresso coffees … another chance to try something new, including the shlong. Those tourists who ordered their regular cup commented that it was the best loooking and best tasting coffee they ever had. Certainly high praise for the Coffee Supreme Brisbane team. With supreme coffee on the planet and on the palate we hopped on the City Bus.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTourPhotos May157

Next stop Contessa by Blackstar on Roma Street. Alex, Mikel and Bec had opened the coffee shop especially for us and had planned an array of coffee brewing techniques and an array of single origins to tempt us. There was no shortage of coffee samples today, first Mochamaster, then Aeropress and finally the pour over.

Two intriguing preparations for us to try were the aero-spresso and making a pour over at home without scientific equipment. Alex used a recipe to create an espresso style coffee using the aeropress … a quick and easy way to get a ‘shot’ of coffee without a machine. Bec made a pour over using scales, timers and special kettles and then showed us how we could do it at home without the technology … pretty cool!

BeanBrewding CoffeeTourPhotos May158

With Contessa conveniently located next to Roma St train station, we traveled three stops to Di Bella Coffee at Bowen Hills. Di Bella jumped in at the last minute to ensure we had a third leg of the tour. Michael greeted us in the training room which we had all to ourselves. It was time for tourists to do some work and make an espresso coffee on a cafe standard machine.

First, Michael demonstrated how to use the grinder, tamp the grounds, operate the espresso machine and texture the milk. Then each tourist tried their hand at the practiced art of espresso making. Everyone enjoyed the hands-on experience of making their own espressos, texturing milk and sampling each others coffees.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTourPhotos May159

Thank you to our hosts – Coffee Supreme Brisbane, Contessa by Blackstar and Di Bella Coffee. You created a unique experience for the coffee tourists. As Tony, one of the tourists commented “A great tour taking in the delights of the coffee industry. Well worth the tour.” Sue, a Brisbane Greeter, said “Something completely different, not only fun but educational – Our tour leaders did a wonderful job of entertaining us and answering all our questions, however basic or complicated.”

If you’re keen to experience a Brisbane Coffee Tour check our tour calendar or contact us directly to arrange your own.

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