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BeanBrewding CoffeeTourPhotos May15

Our Brisbane Coffee Tour in May involved the iconic Brisbane River and the mighty City Cat as our preferred method of transport. Tourists were keen for a ‘behind the scenes’ experience of Brisbane coffee and food matching.

The tour began at Fonzie Abbott Espresso in Hamilton. JB, head roaster had reserved a room especially for us to pair coffee and chocolate. Three rounds of single origin coffee and chocolate pairings complimented each other’s flavours perfectly . We had both white and black espresso and filtered coffee. One tourist commented, ‘Wow … It’s like a mocha in my mouth’. With a bag of freshly roasted beans compliments of Fonzie Abbott and the sensations of chocolate on the palate it was time to leave.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTourPhotos May152

The weather was glorious and perfect for a Brisbane River cruise. With a short walk to the cruise terminal and the wind in our hair, we headed to Bellissimo Coffee in Bulimba for coffee cupping. Mark explained cupping and how the coffee industry uses it to grade or rate coffee. For us, it meant reading the tasting notes of six varieties and blind tasting to guess which coffee came from which country of origin. Everyone found their inner competitive streak to see who could get the most correct. As with the Pop-up Coffee Tour in January the winner guessed 3 out of 6 correct, a super effort!

BeanBrewding CoffeeTourPhotos May153

With plenty of chatter, we hit the water again for a short journey to the other side of the river where Caffeine Espresso waited. Danielle and her team of barista and chef had the perfect morning tea planned. Two courses of harmoniously matched Cleanskin coffee and in-house food were enjoyed together. The pumpkin and fetta tartlets accompanied milk-based espresso to enhance creaminess. The blueberry and dark chocolate tartlets with a black espresso from Ethiopia highlighted the fruitiness. It certainly makes you re-think your choice of coffee at breakfast. It was a brilliant way to finish our Brisbane coffee tour in May.

BeanBrewding CoffeeTourPhotos May154

A big thanks to our hosts – Fonzie Abbott Espresso, Bellissimo Coffee and Caffeine Espresso. They provided a Brisbane Coffee Tour with unique ideas, specialty coffee and premium hospitality. If you’re keen to experience a Brisbane Coffee Tour check our tour calendar or contact us directly to arrange your own.

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